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Meet Star Magic’s freshest batch of stunners

If there’s anyone who can turn pretty young things into full-fledged, multi-talented superstars, then it has got to be Star Magic.

Whether it’s a simple girl with big dreams like May May Entrata or a captivating beauty born to reach for the stars like Liza Soberano, aspiring artists truly blossom and hit their full potential under Star Magic’s wing.

This year, Star Magic’s newest breed of fresh faces includes yet another batch of sweethearts with the kind of charm that easily captures anyone who lays eyes on them. From their youthful glow to their passionate drive, these girls are well on their way to stardom.

Meet Chantal Videla, Zonia Mejia, Daniela Stranner, and Patty Mendoza.

The most familiar name would probably Zonia’s as she is a former teen housemate in “Pinoy Big Brother: 737” two years ago. Chantal, Daniela, and Patty, on the other hand, are faces we are only about to fall in love with. These stunners could be the next Kathryn or Liza, so go ahead and place your bets!

Check out their photos below to get to know these darling newbies. Trust us when we say that they’re totally worth watching out for!

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